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Zero Tolerance Cancellations
Stop losing money with last minute cancellations
Pre-Pay Lessons
Pre-Pay lessons are a must to operate with a Zero tolerance cancelation policy
Have a pricing strategy, not just a price list.
Too many choices leads to indecision and poor conversion
Gain more new customers.
A complete strategy for free and paid for options.
Customer Reviews
Collect in-depth customer reviews, not testimonials.
Website Conversions.
How To Make Your Website A Customer Conversion Machine.
Have a business brand and clear identity
Your off-line and on-line presence is vital for local success.
Enhance your local reputation
Do How are you perceived in the local area?
Phone manner
How you answer the phone can have a massive impact on inquiries to bookings 
Customer Retention
Over 30% of pupils change their driving instructor before taking their test,
Document Templates
Documentation is vital from lesson sheets to terms and conditions
The NEW Google Ads
The New Google Ads DONE for service is now available.
The NEW Facebook Reviews Promotion
​​​​​​​1st February.

Local Telephone Numbers
Why having a local landline number is crucial to boost bookings and for ranking.
How to publish your test passes and customer reviews to improve ranking.
Promoting your successes and reviews correctly for maximum exposure
Optimise your GMB (Google My Business) Maps listing.
Having a listing in Google's "Three Pack" is the most desired place to show up in search returns.
The foundation for a successful franchise operation
Many ADI's get this wrong and pay the price later. Ensure you have everything in place first.
Recruiting fully qualified instructors as franchisees.
The pro's and con's of taking on a fully qualified instructor.
Make the transition from sole trader to franchisor.
Training your own franchisees will enable you to clone them to your exact way of working.
1st Point of Contact
How and when you answer the phone can make a massive difference to converting new customers.
Fully managed instructor training campaign.
let us set up your recruitment campaign
Recruiting Full Qualified Instructors as Franchisees.
The pro's and con's involved.
Re-Order Books for the Instructor Training Campaign
Re-Order 40 or 50 Books delivered to your door.
Delivering the instructor training course.
How we deliver our own very successful training course.
E Commerce for your website.
Taking lesson payments 24/7 on your website is a game changer.
Having an audit trail and accounting.
Wasting your time on compiling accounts is bonkers, why using a professional makes sense.
On line diary to manage your franchisees and bookings.
Having an online diary will be essential when you grow your driving school.
Customer data base to manage your bookings.
Essential as you grow your driving school.
Why and how to have franchisee meetings.
Keep your franchisees up to date with regular meetings.
The New Google Ads Campaign.
How to set up your Campaign.
Maximising Referrals For Driving Schools.
Once you have franchisees, you will no longer meet your pupils on a face to face basis and extra effort is required to maximise referrals.
Publishing Your test passes and reviews.
Maximise your indirect promotion amd warm up potential customers to overcome the price issue.
SEO and Ranking.
How to process your test passes and customer reviews to maximise the organic ranking process..
Instructor Recruitment Process
How and when to send books and direct mail.
Make The Transition Event Recording
All Seven Parts of the presentation to help you make the transition from sole trader ADI to Franchisor.
ALS Learning System.
The New ALS Lesson Sheets, Explainer Document and Instructor Scorecard Letter,